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Ethics and Cost-Benefit Analysis

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A Teaching Topic in Ethics and Accountability 

Ethics and Cost-Benefit Analysis

This topic intersects the aspect of ethics with economic theories in policy analysis by using the tool that is often referred to as “cost-benefit analysis.” The goal of a cost-benefit analysis is to measure a project’s economic efficiency by providing a formal description of the associated costs and benefits. This topic will be concerned with the evaluation of private, non-profit, and public projects from a societal viewpoint. Cost-benefit analysis has become almost a standard practice in the realm of policy analysis.

Topic Learning Outcome: Students will consider applications of cost-benefit analysis to a wide range of public policy issues such as economic development, infrastructure, social, and environment projects. Also, students will eventually be equipped with the theoretical background and practical skills required to be able to critically assess a cost-benefit analysis and to perform their own cost-benefit analysis.

Core Concepts associated with this Topic:

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Sample Assessment Questions:

 1.) Pick one of the recent policies enacted by the government (federal, provincial or local) and critically assess the cost-benefit analysis performed before decision-making. If no CBA has been performed on such policy, discuss hypothetical costs and benefits of the decision.

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