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Environment and Sustainability

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Policy Sectors Domain

Environment and Sustainability

This public management subject deals with the development, implementation and evaluation of government policies and programs that are designed to preserve the natural environment and protect human beings from negative impacts of environmental damage. Some courses in this subject area focus on analyzing the costs and benefits of different strategies for dealing with the risks posed by climate change. These courses will provide students with the opportunity to undertake in depth analysis of environmental issues for which a policy response may be desirable, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to environmental protection. This analysis will often entail an examination of the instruments of governance (regulatory, economic, voluntary and information) and the factors that govern their use. These courses may consider the importance of identifying stakeholders and the unique challenges associated with evaluating the success of government action in this area.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Environment

 Courses dealing with Environment and Climate

  Carleton - PADM 5620 The Science, Politics and Economics of Global Climate Change (Toner)
  Dalhousie - PUAD 6537: Environmental Policy
  Toronto -PPG 2001 Integrating Seminar I: Climate Change and Healthy Cities

 Topics, References and Concepts primarily associated with Environment and Climate

  Concepts primarily associated with Environment and Climate
  Topics with References primarily associated with Environment and Climate

 Topic sites associated with Environment and Climate

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