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Fiscal Rules

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A Teaching Topic in Public Financial Management

Fiscal Rules

This teaching topic examines efforts to control the financial management decisions of policy actors through “fiscal rules” that constrain the taxation and spending decisions of governments. Specifically, the effectiveness of rules and laws requiring balanced budgets are critically examined. Students consider the implications of these rules for economic performance and democratic responsiveness.  

Recommended Reading (MPA 874)

Debrun, Xavier, Laurent Moulin, Alessandro Turrini, Joaquim Ayuso-i-Casals and Manmohan Kumar (2008). "Tied to the Mast? National Fiscal Rules in the European Union." Economic Policy 23(54): 297-362.

Wrobel, Marion (1993). Fiscal Rules for the Control of Government. Ottawa, Canada, Library of Parliament. November.

Simpson, Wayne and Jared J. Wesley (2012). "Effective Tool or Effectively Hollow? Balanced Budget Legislation in Western Canada." Canadian Public Policy 38(3): 291-313.

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