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Regulatory Policy and Management

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This public policy and management subject, under the Management Functions domain, deals with the function of setting regulations and securing compliance. This constitutes a good part of federal governance responsibilities, as well as a significant part of those of all governments. A government’s role is not just to serve the immediate customer, but the whole of society. Society entrusts regulatory and enforcement agencies with powers that directly affect the quality of life of every citizen. The right to impose economic sanctions, restrict liberty, or apply force must be managed within the context of Canadian values, as well as effectively and efficiently. The generic subject includes the tools and techniques available in modern democracies to control social and economic behaviour, and how best to obtain compliance in a wide range of fields by managing risks and mitigating potential harms.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Regulatory Policy and Management

 Courses dealing with Regulatory Policy and Management

  Simon Fraser MPP 812 - Managing Compliance, Delivering Policy
  Carleton PADM 5220 - Regulation and Public Policy (Melessanakis)

 Topics, References and Concepts primarily associated with Regulatory Policy and Management

  Topics with References associated primarily with Regulation and Compliance
  Concepts associated primarily with Regulation and Compliance

 Topic sites associated with Regulatory Policy and Management

  Compliance Costs
  Demonstrating Results and Recognizing Limits
  Managing Compliance and Enforcement
  Scope of Economic and Social Regulation
  Trust, Accountability and Legitimacy

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