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Foundations of Game Theory

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 A Teaching Topic in Management Sciences

Foundations of Game Theory

This teaching topic introduces students to game theory, and examines the ways in which it can be used to study incentives and strategic behavior. Students are introduced to the foundations of game theory, and learn about its applications for the analysis of public policy decision making.  

Recommended Reading (Harvard University- API 303)

Avinash Dixit, Susan Skeath, and David H. Reiley, Jr., Games of Strategy, 3rd Edition, Norton, 2009, Chapters 1 and 2.

David Kreps, Game Theory and Economic Modeling, Oxford/Clarendon, 1990., Chapters 1 and 2.

Thomas Schelling, "What is Game Theory?" Chapter 10 in Choice and Consequence, Harvard University Press (Reprinted 2007), pp. 213-242.

War games. Economist, 15 October 2005, p. 82.

Source: Harvard API-303 Syllabus, 2012.

Page created by: Ben Eisen, last updated 31 July 2013.





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