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Project Management

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Project Management

This topic covers project management principles and techniques. Students learn about the phases of a project's life cycle and concepts such as scoping, agile vs. traditional project management, planning, launching, monitoring, controlling, reporting, and closing. Best practices in communication, feedback, and team dynamics are also examined (JSGS 828). 

Topic Learning Outcome: Students will understand the key principles and techniques of project management, and will be able to analyze, interpret and critique project management strategies created by others as well as being able to develop their own.

Core Concepts associated with this Topic: Capital Project; Project/Program Objective; Knowledge Project.

Recommended Readings

Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan: JSGS 828 Project Management

Wysocki, R. K. 2009. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme (5th ed.). Indianapolis: Wiley. Chapters 1-9 and 11.


Sample Assessment Questions:

1.) What is a project life cycle? Describe the main phases of a project life cycle.

2.) What are the differences between agile and traditional project management?

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