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Setting Goals and Strategy

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Setting Goals and Strategy

This topic covers techniques for developing goals and strategy for a public or nonprofit organization. Material covered can include setting strategy as a civil service entrepreneur, setting strategy through consensus building and communication, and setting strategy as an innovator and leader.

Topic Learning Outcome: Students will be knowledgeable about the techniques and processes through which leaders develop strategies for public and non-profit organizations. Students will understand the necessity of properly aligning strategy with an organization's mission and available resources.

Core Concepts associated with this Topic: Change Management; Internal Consistency; Horizontal Policy Consistency; Incrementalism in Policy Reform; Plans; Policy Consistency; Strategic Governance; Incremental Costs; Policy Goals.

Recommended Reading

Harvard MLD-110B Strategic Management

"Paying the Bills at the Junta of Andalusia", HKS Case C16-90-809, 6 pages

Herman B. Leonard, "A Short Note on Public Sector Strategy Building", November 2002, 10 pages

Mark Moore, Creating Public Value, Harvard University Press, 1995, pp. 105-134

Managing Student Aid in Sweden (Abridged version) HKS Case C16-93-1161.3, 15 pages 

Mark Moore, Creating Public Value, Harvard University Press, 1995, pp. 151-162

"Winning Hearts and Minds: Reforming the Providence School District (A)", HKS Case C14-03-1689.0, 14 pages

"Principles of Effective Persuasion" HBS Note 9-497-059, 4 pages

John Kotter, "Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail"

"Innovation of GSA: Zero Environment Footprint and the Extreme Challenge", HKS New Case, 23 pages

Ronald A. Heifitz and Marty Linsky, Leadership on the Line, Chapters 2 and 4, pp. 31-48, 75-100

Jonathan Weisman, "Agency Administrator Fires Deputies, Then Resigns, Amid Spending Inquiry" New York Times, April 2, 2012

 Sample Assessment Questions:

1.) What is horizontal policy consistency?

2.) John Kotter identifies a number of reasons why transformation efforts fail. Name two factors identified by Kotter that you agree are particularly important, and discuss why you believe that to be the case.

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