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Crisis Leadership

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A Teaching Topic in Leadership

Crisis Leadership

This teaching topic deals with leading during a crisis.

Recommended Reading (Harvard MLD-101B)

Rudy Giuliani: The Man and His Moment (HKS Case 1681.0).

Kets de Vries, M. F. R. (1994). The leadership mystique. Academy of Management Executive, 8(3), 73-89.

Kahneman, D., & Klein, G. (2010). When can you trust your gut? [Interview]. McKinsey Quarterly, Issue 2, 58-67.

Kahneman, D., & Klein, G. (2009). Conditions for intuitive expertise: A failure to disagree. American Psychologist, 64(6), 515-526.

Dutton, J. E., Frost, P. J., Worline, M. C., Lilius, J. M., & Kanov, J. M. (2002). Leading in Times of Trauma. Harvard Business Review, 80(1), 54-61.

Source: MLD-101B Syllabus from (accessed 23 January 2013)

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