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Leadership Skills

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Analysis and Skills Domain

Leadership Skills

This public policy and management subject under the Tools and Skills domain deals with team dynamics and the development of personal capacity in a team environment within the context of public sector work. Courses in this subject area introduce students to the challenges they are likely to face in the work environment, and provides them with skills and strategies to analyze, motivate and manage people in public sector organizations.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Leadership


Most of following topics, derived from the University of Toronto course, PPG-2014: Leading Change and Getting Things Done, and the Harvard course, MLD-201: Exercising Leadership - The Politics of Change, will eventually be added to the teaching topics list.

Unearthing Values: How We Differ

Psychological Types: The MBTI Instrument

Haidt's Moral Foundations Framework

Unearthing Values: When Values Clash

Diagnosing the Leadership Challenge

Identifying Resources

Your Leadership on the Line: How Far Are You Willing to Go

Strategy for Leading Change

Using Narrative to Persuade

Using the Media

Exercising Leadership

Adaptive Work and Social Learning

Diagnostic Work: What Challenge do the People Face

Group Dynamics

Leadership and Authority

Creativity, Leadership and the Group


Purpose, Task and Work Avoidance

Getting Attention and Getting Work Done

Managing Chaos and Conflict



Boundaries and Partnership

Staying Alive

Farewell: Saying Goodby and Laying the Past to Rest


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