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Macroeconomic Policy

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Policy Sectors Domain

Macroeconomic Policy

This public policy and management subject deals with the working of the aggregate economy, including the key determinants of business cycle fluctuations and of development and long-run growth. It includes tax policy and administration. Topics include current economic research on the determination of macroeconomic variables such as output, employment, prices, and the interest rate - in the short, medium, and long run, as well as the role of productivity, trade and fiscal deficits, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates with emphasis on the impact of government policies on the macro economy.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Fiscal, Monetary and Tax Policy

 Courses dealing with Fiscal, Monetary and Tax Policy

  Carleton PADM 5112 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis (Carmichael)
  Toronto PPG 1003 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis (Dungan)
  Dalhousie PAUD 5131 - Public Economics

 Topics and Concepts primarily associated with Fiscal, Monetary and Tax Policy

  Topics primarily associated with Macroeconomics
  Concepts associated primarily with Macroeconomics

 Topic sites associated with Fiscal, Monetary and Tax Policy

  The Short-Run Business Cycle
  Financial System
  Growth and Productivity in the Long Run
  Macroeconomic Indicators
  Monetary and Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand
  Money Growth and Inflation in the Long Run
  Open Economy - Basic Concepts
  Reading Macroeconomic Forecasts

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