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Normed Topic

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National Area of Selection
National Development Strategies
National Mood
National Saving
Natural Experiment
Natural Monopoly
Natural Rate of Unemployment
Natural Resources
Necessary Good
Needs Assessment
Negativity Bias
Neighbourhood Effects on Child Development
Net Book Value
Net Capital Outflow (NCO)
Net Cash Flow
Net Demand
Net Exports
Net Migration
Net Present Cost (in accounting)
Network Effect
Network Governance
Neutrality (in evaluation)
Neutrality (in public service)
New Governance Arrangements
New Institutionalism
New Public Governance
New Public Management
Nine-one-one Federalism (in Canada)
Nominal Currency Application
Nominal Exchange Rate
Nominal GDP
Non-Budgetary Spending
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Nonlinear Policy Problems
Non-ministerial Organization (in Canada)
Normal Good
Normative Analysis
Normed Topic
Not-for-Profit Organizations
Objective Evidence Principle (in accounting)
Objectivity (in evaluation)
Occupational Certification
Office of the Auditor General
Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Official Opposition
Omitted Variable Bias
Open Economy
Open Market Operations
Open Systems Approach
Operating Fund
Opinion Letter
Opportunity Cost
Opportunity Costs of Inventory
Optimal Choice
Optimization Principle
Ordinary Good
Ordinary Least Squares Estimator
Ordinary Monopolist
Organizational Culture
Orienting (Operational Skill)
Output/Outcome Budgeting
Overnight Rate
Own Source Revenue (Aboriginal context)


Normed Topic

A body of curricular content that can be taught at the Master's level with 3 hours of in-class instruction and 7 hours or outside-class reading and related preparation.

(Clark, Eisen and Pal, 2014: See: Mapping the Topics and Learning Outcomes of a Core Curriculum for MPP and MPA Programs, Clark, Eisen, Lennon, Pal, 26 May 2015; Normed Core Topics, Clark, Eisen and Pal, NASPAA Conference, 1 November 2014The New World of Standards in Public Management Pedagogy: Comparing Universal Accreditation Competencies with the Actual Content of MPP and MPA Programs, Clark and Pal, April 2014


A normed topic’s subject matter reflects a curricular norm based on the documented content in MPP/MPA course syllabi including an indication of how student learning of this subject matter can be assessed (e.g., a 30-minute problem set, a 5-page essay or a 30-minute multiple choice test). In that paper we made a preliminary estimate of the number of normed topics in each of the 34 subjects that comprise the Master’s-level subject matter in the entire pedagogical field of public policy and management. The total was projected to be somewhat over one thousand normed topics, covering all (core and non-core) courses for which we could examine syllabi.



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