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Management Accountability Framework

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Management Accountability Framework 

Documents which set out expectations for Deputy Ministers, with regards to enhancing the monitoring and oversight of departments, and to determine the consequences of management performance.

(Hurley, James Ross. 2006. "Responsibility, Accountability, and the Role of Deputy Ministers in the Government of Canada." In Restoring Accountability: Research Studies Vol. 3, edited by John Howard Gomey, 115-156. Ottawa: Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program & Advertising Activities,p. 138.)


“The government now has several years of experience in implementing the Management Accountability Framework (MAF), which establishes common expectations for management performance and is the basis for accountability between departments/agencies and the Treasury Board. The MAF can be viewed through three lenses: as a vision for good management, establishing a framework for accountability; as a process (assessment, engagement, dialogue and reporting); and as an analytical tool to identify strengths and weaknesses within departments and across government. Through the MAF, departments are evaluated against a set of indicators and measures that assess, among other things, the quality of management, resources and results structures; the capacity to undertake and use programme evaluations; and the overall quality of reports to Parliament. Discussions between senior officials identify management priorities, a process that draws attention to issues in a structured way that can lead to improvement.”


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