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Cost-shared Programs

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Cost-shared Programs 

Programs for which the costs are shared between the federal and provincial governments.

Kenneth McRoberts. 1993. "Federal Structures and the Policy Process" in Michael M. Atkinson. Governing Canada: Institutions and Public Policy. Toronto: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Canada Inc., p.157 


The creation of more cost-shared programs in Canada has been the most important means through which the Government of Canada has been able to play a major role in exclusive provincial jurisdictions, without having to secure any alteration of the constitutional division of powers.

The relationship between the federal government and the provinces in the area of health care is a clear example of this phenomenon. Although, officially, province holds exclusive jurisdiction over health policy, the federal government provides large amounts of money to the provinces to finance this expensive set of programs. This gives the federal government tremendous leverage over the provinces, and allows it to exert significant control over policy.

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