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Citizen-Centred Service Delivery

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Citizen-centred Service Delivery 

Citizen-centred service delivery ensures that clients get what they want and that resources are allocated accordingly by focusing on citizens first and assessing their needs and their levels of satisfaction.

(Pal 2006, 230)


Following the mid-1990s focus on structural reforms in the public service, public managers now focus on reforms [that] will take place more at the street level in terms of combinations of human and other resources to achieve better outcomes. (Pal, 2006)

Canada has taken a lead in this movement with initiatives in most provinces, territories, and the federal government with the creation of the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (see link and How To Guide). Pal (2009) cautions that catchphrases that include words such as "citizen" may not always in actuality reflect the interests of the groups they claim to represent. There is always a danger that surveys used to determine citizens' views on services, for instance, may be used more as legitimizing instruments to support what government is already doing rather than as honest tools to obtain feedback.


Pal. Leslie. 2006. Beyond Policy Analysis: Public Issue Management in Turbulent Times, 3rd ed. Toronto: Nelson Education.



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