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Normed Core Topics

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Policy and Management Analysis

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Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance (1.1)
Models of Policy Making (1.1)
Rules vs. Discretion (2.3)
Policy Evaluation (3.2)
Policy Design and Instrument Choice (3.2)
Recent Trends from Comparative Public Administration (1.2)
The Meaning of Strategy in Public Management (3.4)
Organizational Behaviour (1.1)
Managing Conflict (1.8)
Working in Teams and Motivation (1.4)
Multi-level Governance (1.9)
The Shift to Public Governance (2.2)
Implementation and Policy (1.9)
Performance Information as a Management Tool (3.1)
The Role of Leadership in Strategy and Implementation (3.4)
Implementing Through Markets (1.7)
Implementing with Partners (2.4)
Organizational Performance and Management Reform (2.3)

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