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Mapping Core Topics and Subjects to Competencies

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Policy and Management Analysis

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Implementation and Policy (1.9)
Implementing Through Markets (1.7)
Organizational Culture (1.3)*
Performance Information as a Management Tool (3.1)
Policy Design and Instrument Choice (3.2)
The Meaning of Strategy in Public Management (3.4)
Organizational Performance and Management Reform (2.3)*
Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance (1.1)
Policy Evaluation (3.2)
Recent Trends from Comparative Public Administration (1.2)*
The Role of Leadership in Strategy and Implementation (3.4)*
Models of Policy Making (1.1)*
Working in Teams and Motivation (1.4)*
Rules vs. Discretion (2.3)*
Organizational Behaviour (1.1)*
Mult-level Governance (1.9)
Implementation with Partners (2.4)*
Managing Conflict (2.4)*

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