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Pedagogy of Governance Monograph

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1. Defining and Mapping the Field of Public Policy and Management

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What is Public Policy and Management? Some relevant literature and the Atlas usage
Credit and Course Equivalencies: How academic requirements in North America, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia are compared
Professional Program Features: Elements that distinguish MPP/MPA degrees from non-professional Master's degrees
Atlas Framework for Analyzing Curricular Content: How the field of public policy and management is modeled and mapped to facilitate comparison of online content
Clark, I. D. & Pal, L. A. (2013). Where the Streets Have No Name: Mapping the Discipline of Public Management. A Working Paper for the Best Practices in Public Management Project.
Clark, I.D. and Pal, L.A. (2014) Here be Dragons: Taxonomies of Public Policy and Management used in Recent Handbooks, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, A Working Paper for the Best Practices in Public Management Project
Lynn, Jr., L. E. (2006). Public Management: old and new. Routledge, New York.
Ferlie, E., Lynn, Jr., L. E. & Pollitt, C. Eds. (2007). The Oxford Handbook of Public Management. Oxford University Press.

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