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PPGPortal > Home > Atlas, A-Z > Online Glossaries

Online Glossaries
in Public Policy and Management

There are many subject-specific glossaries on the internet. This page lists those that are most relevant to the study and practice of public policy and management. If you come across other useful sites, please e-mail us:

Ian Clark, or Ben Eisen,



 On-line Encyclopedias

  The Canadian Encylopedia
  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

 Public Policy and Political Science Glossaries

  Leslie Pal, Beyond Policy Analysis 4th Ed, Nelson
  Paul M. Johnson's Glossary of Political Economy Terms
  OECD's Glossary of Statistical Terms (covers much more than statistical terms)
  UN Public Administration Glossary (109 terms)

 Economics Glossaries

  John B. Taylor, Economics 5th Edition Glossary (Cengage Learning)
  Biz/ed Glossary
  Biz-ed Diagram Bank
  EconPort/Peter Meyer Glossary of Economics and Econometrics
  Economics Online Definitions
  Investopedia Dictionary

 Statistics Glossaries

  Statistics Canada Glossary
  Statistique Canada Glossaire (francais)
  Phillip Stark's Glossary of Statistical Terms

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