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Melbourne MPPM Course Map and PEACO Analysis

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University of Melbourne, Melbourne School of Government (MSG)

University of Melbourne, MPPM Course Map

Courses Offered: The full list of 2013-14 Melbourne School of Government courses is found at: for the MPPM. This has been downloaded to the Atlas at Melbourne Handbook Course Requirements for 200 Point MPPM, January 2014

Page Created By: Ian Clark on 27 January 2014.


Melbourne (MSG) 2-Year MPPM Course Map
 C o u r s e s  O f f e r e d,  l i s t e d  b y  P u b l i c  P o l i c y  a n d  M a n a g e m e n t  S u b j e c t

Tools and Skills

 Strategy and Structure

  PPMN90007: Policy Design and Implementation (2R)
  PADM90011: Governing Challenges 1
  PADM90012: Governing Challenges 2
  PPMN90036: International Public Management (with University of Bermingham)

 Economic Analysis

  ECON90029: Economics For Public Policy

 Quantitative Methods

  ABPL90135: Analytical Methods

 Management Sciences

  CRIM40002: Qualitative Research Methods


  PPMN90032: Managing Change and Leading Innovation (R/9)


  PPMN90031: Public Policy Lobbying Strategies (R/9)
  MECM90010: Strategic Political Communication

 Professional Practice

  PPMN90010: Professional Practice in Policy (R/9)
  PPMN90039: Executive Internship (x2)

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  PPMN90006: Public Management (2R)
  PPMN90037: Governance (2R)
  PPMN90042: Foundations in Politics and Policy (2R/9)

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  PPMN90038: Inequality and Public Policy
  POLS90015: Business and Government
  POLS90038: Human Rights

 Ethics and Accountability

  PHIL90004: Ethical Theory and Practice
  PHIL90010: Global Justice
  PHIL90027: The Moral Limits of Markets
  PHIL90028: Trust, Credibility and Expertise
  PHIL90029: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics
  POLS90037: Corruption in Today's World

 Intergovernmental and Global Context

  PPMN90030: Public Policy in the Asian Century (R/9)
  MULT50002: Indigenous Peoples in Global Context
  POLS90013: Politics and Business in post-Mao China
  POLS90034: International Policymaking in Practice

 Civil Society and Advocacy

Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

PPMN90033: Public Budgets and Financial Management (R/9)

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

ENST90002: Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation
SOCI90005: Social Research Design and Evaluation

 Human Resource Management

 Information Management and Technology

 Program and Service Delivery

  PPMN90035: Publics, Policy and Public Services (R/9)
  PPMN90041: Commissioning Public Services (R/9)

 Regulatory Policy and Management

  CRIM90004: Taming Business? Crime, Law and Politics

Policy Sectors

 Fiscal, Montetary and Tax Policy

 International Development

  DEVT90035: Monitoring and Evaluation in Development
  POLS40017: Social Policy and Development

 Social Policy and Welfare

  SOCI90003: Comparative Social Policy
  SOCI90006: Ageing, Society And Social Policy
  SOCI90009: A Century of Australian Social Policy
  SOTH90006: Social Inclusion Policy and Practice



 Employment, Labour and Immigration

  PPMN90003: Social Policy - Special Topics Changing Labour Markets, Social Inequality, Immigration, Employment

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development


  ENST90004: Climate Change Politics and Policy
  ENST90005: Environmental Policy

 Agriculture and Resources

  FOOD90026: The Politics of Food
  FOOD90027 Nutrition Politics and Policy

 Science, Technology and Innovation

  PPMN90040: Science, Controversy and Public Policy

 Industry, Trade and Investment

  POLS90012: Trade Policy Politics & Governance

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

 Policing and Justice Administration

 Arts and Culture

 Financial Sector and Pensions

 Other Policy Sectors

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