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Topic Grid for Toronto SPPG Courses

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Topic Grid for Toronto SPPG Courses
Illustrative display of topics taught in required and elective courses in each subject

This grid depicts an approximate distribution of the topics taught in Toronto SPPG’s required (R) and elective (e) courses. This is illustrative rather than precise because not all individual topics have yet been specified and there is currently no specific topic associated with a particular numbered cell on the display. The total numbers of entries for R and for e are based on the assumption that each course has ten unique teaching topics. Although the majority of topics taught in any one course are from a single subject, all topics taught in a course are usually not from a single Atlas subject.

At this stage the grid is for illustrative purposes, to provide a visual depiction of the relative size (in terms of teaching and advisory topics) of the Atlas subjects, and to suggest how data visualization techniques might be used to arrange topics.

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