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IGO Reports Map
Reports by international governmental organizations on public policy and management, organized by subject

This page organizes study reports by international agencies on public policy and management issues under subjects in four domains. Each of the reports noted below has been downloaded to the Atlas so that the contents are readily searchable. The same reports are organized by authoring agency in on the IGO Reports page.


Tools and Skills

 Strategy and Implementation

  OCED (2004) "Principles of Corporate Governance" OECD
  OCED (2005) "OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises"
  OECD (2012) "Principles for Public Governance of Public-Private Partnerships" OECD

 Economic Analysis

 Quantitative Methods

 Management Sciences



Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  UNDP (1997) "UNDP and Governance: Experiences and Lessons Learned" Management Development and Governance Division, Lessons-Learned Series No. 1
  UNDP (2008) "Capacity Development: Empowering People and Institutions" UNDP Annual Report 2008
  UNDP (2008) "Political Parties and Public Policymaking Processes: the role of multistakeholder dialogue" Documents On Dialogue, Gomar S. and Linares A.

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  UNDP (2012) "Empowering Women for Stronger Political Parties: A Guidebook to Promote Women’s Political Participation" UNDP, NDIIA

 Intergovernmental and Global Context

 Ethics and Accountability

  OECD (1998) "Principles for Managing Ethics in the Public Service" PUMA Policy Brief No. 4
  TI (2012) "Exporting Corruption? Country Enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Progress Report 2012" Transparency International
  TI (2012) "Increasing Integrity and EU Citizens' Trust in Public Procurement" Regional Policy Paper #1, Berg J. and Fagan C.
  OECD (2010) "Accountability and Transparency: A Guide for State Ownership" Corporate Governance, OECD Publishing
  UNDP (2012) Fast Facts - Anti-Corruption and Democratic Governance
  OECD (2007) "Integrity in Public Procurement: Good Practice from A to Z" OECD
  OECD (2009) "OECD Principles for Integrity in Public Procurement" OECD
  OECD (2012) “10 Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying" OECD

Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

IMF (1999) "Code of Good Practices on Transparency in Monetary and Financial Policies: Declaration of Principles" Interim Committee of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund
IMF (2007) "Guide on Resource Revenue Transparency" IMF
IMF (2007) "Manual on Fiscal Transparency" IMF
OECD (2011) "Independent Fiscal Institutions: Developing Good Practices" Kopits, George
OECD (2001) "Financial Management and Control of Public Agencies" OECD
OECD (2005) "Public Sector Modernisation: Modernising Accountability and Control" OECD
IMF (1995) "Summary of IMF Tax Policy Advice" Tax Policy Handbook, Stotsky J.
OECD (1998) "Best Practice Guidelines for User Charging for Government Services" PUMA Policy Brief No. 3
OECD (2002) "Best Practices for Budget Transparency" OECD
OECD (2003) "Budget Reform In OECD Member Countries: Common Trends" Blöndal, Jón R.
OECD (2004) "Best Practice Guidelines - Off Budget and Tax Expenditures" 25th Annual Meeting of Senior Budget Officials
OECD (2005) "Advances in Risk Management of Government Debt" OECD
OCED (2005) "OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises" OECD
OECD (2009) "Taxes or grants : what revenue source for sub-central governments?" Economics Department Working Papers, No. 706
OECD (2010) "Fiscal futures, institutional budget reforms, and their effects: What can be learned?" Anderson, B., Sheppard, J.
OECD (2010) "Fiscal-Consolidation Strategies for Canadian Governments?" Guillemette, Yvan
OECD (2010) "Making Reform Happen: Lessons from OECD Countries" OECD
OECD (2010) "Producing a Citizen's Guide to the Budget: Why, What and How?" Petrie, M., Shields, J
OECD (2011) "Tax Competition Between Sub-Central Governments" OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 872
OECD (2012) “What are the Best Policy Instruments for Fiscal Consolidation?” OECD Economics Department Policy Notes, No. 12

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

OECD (1998) "Best Practice Guidelines for Evaluation" PUMA Policy Brief No. 5

 Human Resource Management

  OECD (1997) "Civil Service Legislation: Checklist on Secondary Legislation" Sigma Papers No. 14
  OECD (2007) "OECD Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service: Report on Implementation" OECD
  OECD (2007) "Performance-based Arrangements for Senior Civil Servants OECD and Other Country Experiences" Working Papers on Public Governance 2007/05, Ketelaar A. et al
  OECD (2011) "Staff Performance Management" Government at a Glance 2011, OECD

 Information and Technology Management

 Program and Service Delivery

  OECD (1997) "Best Practice Guidelines For Contracting Out Government Services" PUMA Policy Brief No. 2
  OECD (2003) "Universal Service Obligations " Policy Roundtables, OECD
  OECD (2008) "Market Mechanisms in Public Service Provision" OECD Economics Department Working Papers, No. 626, OECD Publishing

 Regulatory Policy and Management

  OECD (1997) "The OECD Report on Regulatory Reform: Synthesis" OECD
  OECD (2001) "The Implementation and the Effects of Regulatory Reform: Past Experience and Current Issues" Gönenç,
  OECD (2009) "Multi-Level Regulatory Governance: Policies, Institutions and Tools for Regulatory Quality and Policy Coherence" Rodrigo et al.
  OECD (2010) "Future Policy Directions for Administrative Burden Reduction" Looking Beyond 2010, OECD
  OECD (2010) "Strategy and Policies for Better Regulation" Better Regulation in Europe: Ireland 2010, OECD
  OCED (2012) "Competitive Neutrality: A Compendium of OECD Recommendations, Guidelines and Best Practices"
  OECD (2012) "OECD Guiding Principles for Regulatory Quality and Performance" OECD

 Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

Policy Sectors

 Fiscal, Montetary and Tax Policy

  OECD (2011) "Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2011" OECD

 International Development

  UNDP (2010) "Developing national capacities for country monitoring and evaluation systems" From Policies to Results, UNICEF

 Social Policy and Welfare



  OECD (2004) "Performance Indicators: Accountable to Whom?" Journal of the Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education, Volume 16, No. 1, Conlon, M.
  OECD (2008) "Best Practice in Public Expenditure: the Example of Education" Latin American Economic Outlook 2009
  OECD (2011) "Education Policy Advice for Greece" Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development

  OECD (2001) "Best Practices in Local Development" Local Economic and Employment Development
  UNDP (2002) "Introducing Good Local Governance: The Indonesian Experience" UNDP/Governance Unit Jakarta

 Environment and Sustainability

  OECD (2009) "Ensuring Environmental Compliance: Trends and Good Practices" OECD
  OECD (2011) "Environmental policy: getting prices and governance right" OECD Economic Surveys: Italy 2011

 Agriculture and Resources

 Industry, Trade and Investment

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

 Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

  OECD (2009) "Innovation strategies for growth: insights from OECD countries" Guinet et al.

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

 Policing and Justice Admnistration

 Arts and Culture

 Financial Sector and Pensions

 Other Policy Sectors

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