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ICPP Research Map
Research titles in public policy and management from papers at the First International Conference on Public Policy 

This page lists papers presented the First International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) held in Grenoble, June 26-28, 2013 ( This map is intended to provide for public policy and management scholars and practitioners an indication of recent public policy scholarship in their subject of interest. It is also an exploration of the relationship between the fields of public management and public policy (see the Leslie Pal blog entitled After Grenoble.) The approach we take to assigning ICPP papers to the various public policy and management subjects is to review the abstracts with two questions in mind: 1) Might a professor teaching an MPP or MPA course wish to assign the paper for required reading? and 2) Might a policy director in a government ministry find the paper useful? If the answer to either or both questions is yes, the paper is assigned to the appropriate public policy and management subject in the map below. Because the scholarly field of public policy is not exactly coterminous with the field of public policy and management as defined by the Atlas, some ICPP papers - particularly those addressing an aspect of political theory without drawing on any particular subject for case material - cannot readily be associated with one of the Atlas's public policy and management subjects. Such papers are assigned to one of the "non-public policy and management subjects" found in the lower left of this page under a domain that we have called "Political Theory unrelated to Public Policy and Management Application." Such papers may, of course, turn out to be important for future application to public policy and management but they are not currently sufficiently tied to a public policy and management application to be considered to be within the field of public policy and management as defined by the Atlas. [THE MAP IS INCOMPLETE. IT HAS BEEN COMPLETED FOR ICPP PANELS 1-12 EXCEPT FOR 8]


Tools and Skills

 Strategy and Structure for Public Management

  Narratives in Networks : Inventing New Ecologies* Mrill Ingram, Raul Lejano, and Helen Ingram
  Spin or Strategy ? How Story Construction Matters in the Formation of Public Opinion, Elizabeth A. Shanahan
  From text to act : performing policy narratives on obesity, John Boswell
  Between Ideas and Interests. Narrative Policy Analysis and the Case of EU Anti-Corruption Policies, Andrea Mignone
  Language as a Foundation for Policy Regimes : The Case of Policy Analysis at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in the United States, Samuel Workman
  Solving the Puzzle Of Causality : Social Mechanisms As The Missing Link Between Institutional Features And Policy Outcomes, Simone Busetti, Bruno Dente and Erica Melloni
  Networked public administration : key factors for success in a complex public-private collaboration, Victòria Alsina Burgues
  Policy Portfolios and Their Design : A Meta-Analysis, M. Howlett
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 Economic Analysis for Public Management

 Quantitative Methods for Public Management

 Decision Sciences for Public Management

  Decision Node Analysis : a method for unraveling complex policy sub-systems, Derek Kauneckis
  The governance of Circular Urban Systems, A. L. Vernay
  Why are Action Alternatives Restricted when Politicians Deliberate over Policy Design ? Perola Öberg, Martin Lundin and Jonas Thelander

 Leadership for Public Management

 Communication for Public Management


Political Theory unrelated to
Public Policy and Management Application

 Politics and Policy

  Putting New Wine in Old Bottles : Conceptual Development and Ontological Dualisms in the Study of Depoliticisation, Matthew Wood
  The Depoliticization of Political Preferences in Russia, Oleg Kashirslkikh
  Radical right parties in the political system of states : theoretical and practical aspects, Eremina Natalia
  Imagining Global Rules and Standards for a World of Mutual Respect, Giuseppe Mastruzzo]
  Collaborative governance : New challenges and new opportunities Cristina Zurbriggen, Lydia Garrido
  Communicative design in public policy José Real-Dato and Cristina Moreno

 Governance, Process and Design

  Institutional versus policy-level variables. Is it worth a debate ? Jean Leca
  Democracy institutionalised in innovations viewed from the innovation system angle, Toril Ringholm
  Policy network structures, institutional context, and policy change, Manuel Fischer
  Soft Law Regulatory Regimes as alternative to nation State Legal System, Yuri Fogelson
  Post- Regulatory Corporatism, Richard R Weiner
  Conceptual Orders of the Regulatory State : Tiered Capital, Partitioned Experiment, Daniel Carpenter
  Collaborative governance : New challenges and new opportunities, Cristina Zurbriggen and Lydia Garrido
  Policy Experimentation as Policy Design ? Evidence from China’s Urban Housing Policy Change, Zhilin Liu
  From "open up the policy-making process" towards “open policy designs,” César N. Cruz-Rubio

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and the Policy Process

  Radical Right and Radical Left Influences on Government Policy : which is more powerful now ? (Cases of Spain and France), Protasenko Stanislav
  Constructing Campaign Finance in the United States : Elite Stories of Expression and Equality, Michael D. Jones and Garry Gray
  Policy Regime Perspectives : Policies and Governing Peter J. May and Ashley Jochim, University of Washington
  Policy Regimes in Political Time, Marc Allen Eisner
  Beyond Lock-In : Rethinking Policy Feedback Mechanisms and Effects, Leah Stokes, Alexander Hertel‐Fernandez and Matto Mildenberger
  Institution Killing Policies and Policy Killing Institutions, Peter Knoepfel
  Individuals, Institutions and Public Policy : Making the Linkages, B. Guy Peters
  Beyond Institutionalist Determinism - The Case of German LMP Change, Christof Schiller
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 Ethics and Accountability

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 Social and Political Context

  Public policies and subjectivity : the impact of social policy on perceptions of uncertainty, Fiorella Mancini
  Understanding the linkages and possible causal relationships between the provision of basic public services, government performance and subjective wellbeing : the case of Mexico at the subnational (state) level, Roberto Castellanos-Cereceda

 International and Global Context

  " Global Order " and Global Governance : changing role of nation state in multy-level regulatory regimes, Shota Kakabadze and Nina Belyaeva

 Intergovernmental Context

  Iqqanaijaqatigiit : Public Policy and Multilevel Governance in Nunavut, Thierry RODON
  Policy feedback and the allocations of policy responsibility in European multi-level states, Claire Dupuy and Virgine Van Inglegom

 Civil Society and Advocacy Groups

  Policymaking after the Spring : Looking at the position of Arab civil society actors in the ‘new’ policy landscape, Nasser Yassin
  The complex relationship between trust, informal institutions and public policies, María Cecilia Güemes and José Hernández Bonivento

Management Functions

 Budgeting and Financial Management

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

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 Human Resources Management

 Information Management and Technology

  The Governance of Big Data : Perspectives and Issues, Alberto Asquer

 Service Delivery and e-Government

 Regulation and Compliance

  Regulatory Agencies as Narrators ? Comparing Impact Assessment Narratives in the US and European Commission, Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli
  A ‘Crisis’ of Regulation ? A cultural theory perspective on the ‘strange non-death of neo-liberalism’, Daniel Fitzpatrick
  Independent Regulatory Agencies and policy change. A comparative analysis of programs regulating Universal Service Obligation in four European countries, Maria Stella Righettini and Giorgia Nesti
  Governance of the radio spectrum, An actor-centric framework for analysis, Peter Anker
  Comparative Regulatory Design : Singapore and Hong Kong, JJ Woo

Policy Sectors

 Economic Policy and Tax

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 International Development

  Process of public policy formulation in developing countries, Do Phu Hai

 Social Policy and Welfare

  The different paths towards familialism : Social policies towards young people in France and the UK, Tom Chevalier
  Designing Incentives to Fight Poverty : Who Gets What, When, and How ? Elisa Chelle


  Explaining cross-regional policy variation in decentralized states : integrating public management policy-making in new institutionalist analysis, Raquel Gallego, Nicolás Barbieri and Sheila González
  Second Best Governance ? Governments and Policy Design in the Imperfect World of Health. Care Delivery in China, India and Thailand, M.Ramesh


  Thinking European States’ Current Transformations in Education : A Policy Configuration Approach, Xavier Pons and Hélène Buisson-Fenet
  Different Regimes of Educational Policies in Spain, Eliseo López Sánchez and Maite Labrador Pérez
  The impact of higher education and research policy reforms in recruitment, retention and retirement in Spanish academia, Laura Cruz-Castro and Luis Sanz-Menéndez

 Employment, Labour and Immigration

  How the Far Right Discourse Influences the Immigration Policy : the cases of Russia and the United Kingdom, Dmitry Kurnosov
  How the Far Right Discourse Influences the Immigration Policy, Igor Barygin
  What’s behind voluntary compliance in EU integration ? The case of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment, Meng-Hsuan Chou and José Real-Dato
  The pitfall of institutional determinism and its theoretical displacement effects. The case of working time regulation in the European Union, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen

 Indigenous Peoples Policy

  Language Policy in Nunavut : Tensions and Crosscurrents in the Promotion of an Aboriginal Language, Milena PANDY
  Mining in Arctic Quebec : the end of an area of understanding. Thibault MARTIN

 Cities and Community Development

  The double role of boundaries in the governance of complex multifunctional land-use developments, Saskia van Broekhoven

 Territorial Development

  Parks, Empty Space and Treasures in Haystacks in Canada’s Northern Frontier : the Rhetoric and Reality of Stephen Harper’s Imaginative Northern Approach, Katherine SINCLAIR
  The Norwegian Government’s new High North policy meets the northern region, Elisabeth ANGELL


  Processes of de/politicization in the Clean Development Mechanism, Fabian Schroth
  Unpacking the Climate Change Policy Regime : Adaptation and Mitigation Policies in US Cities, Robert Wood
  Ostrom’s Legacies in Environmental Governance : A critical appreciation and a revisionist view, Eduardo Araral
  Integrating adaptive governance and participatory multicriteria methods : a framework for climate adaptation governance, S. Munaretto, G. Siciliano and M.E. Turvani
  Designing adaptation and mitigation policies in France, Stéphane la Branche
  When theory meets reality : policy design from a behavioral perspective, Helle Ørsted Nielsen & Anders Branth Pedersen

 Agriculture and Resources

 Science, Technology and Innovation

  European institution building under inhospitable conditions - the case of distributive agencies, Åse Gornitzka and Julia Metz
  Institutional set-up of innovation policies : a systemic point of view, Virginie Maghe

 Industry, Trade and Investment

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 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

  Tilting at Windmills : Constructing Policy Regimes, Jeff Worsham
  Towards a Regime Shift in Dutch Risk Management ? Understanding Policy Learning in a Path-Dependent Policy Context, Arwin van Buuren, Gerald Jan Ellen and Jeroen Warner
  The Politics of Water Control : Regulatory Cultures in the Post-Colonial Indian State, Shilpi Srivastava
  Embedding social responsibility in the design of offshore wind energy, Rolf Künneke
  Water human right and its implications in terms of institutional design in the field of water and sanitation in Mexico. An analysis of the transfer set public policy, Alex Ricardo Caldera

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

  Collaborative Governance and Performance in Emergency Management : A Multi-Method Approach, Daniel Nohrstedt

 Policing and Justice Administration

 Financial Sector and Pensions

  Policy Regime Change : The Unsettled Trajectory of Italian Pensions, Furio Stamati and Mi Ah Schøyen

 Other Policy Sectors

Important Notices
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