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Illustrative Courses Map
MPP/MPA courses used to generate teaching topics for the Atlas, organized by subject

This page displays the Master's-level university courses with publicly available syllabi selected by the Atlas editors to illustrate the teaching topics topics associated with particular public policy and management subjects. These same courses are organized by university on the Illustrative Courses page. Courses that have not yet been analysed are marked with an asterisk (*). [Note: Not all topics in a course will necessarily be in the same subject and the analysis procedure allocates each teaching topic in a course to its appropriate subject.] 

Analysis and Skills

 Policy and Management Analysis

  Albany PAD 506: Foundations of Public Management
  American University PUAD-606: Foundations of Policy Analysis
  Carleton PADM 5117: Public Management
  Carleton PADM 5411: Organization Theory*
  Dalhousie PUAD-6050: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  Dalhousie PUAD-5100: Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management
  George Washington PPPA-6001: Introduction to Public Administration and Public Service
  George Washington PPPA-6006: Policy Analysis
  George Washington PPPA-6011: Introduction to Public Policy, Politics and Policy Analysis
  Harvard MLD-101: Management, Leadership and Decision Making
  Harvard MLD-110: Strategic Management for Public Purposes
  NYU Wagner PADM-2100: Strategic Management of Public Service Organizations
  Queen's PMPA-809: Management in the Public Sector
  Queen's MPA-874: Public Service Reform
  Toronto PPG 1007: Putting Policy into Action - Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
  Toronto PPG 2021: Priority Topics in Public Administration
  UCLA PP-206: The Political Economy of Policy Design and Implementation

 Economic Analysis

  Harvard API-101: Markets and Market Failure
  Toronto PPG-1002: Microeconomics for Policy Analysis*

 Quantitative Methods

  Harvard API-201: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods
  Harvard API-202: Empirical Methods II
  Queen's MPA-801: Applied Analytical Methods I
  Toronto PPG-1004: Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
  Toronto PPG-2010: Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis

 Analytic Methods

  Carleton PADM 5215: Cost-Benefit Analysis*
  Carleton PADM-5272: Risk Assessment and Management
  Carleton PADM-5472: The Politics of Management - Thinking Like a Manager, Richard Paton
  Harvard API-303: Game Theory and Strategic Decisions
  Harvard API-505M: Policy Analysis
  Harvard MLD-601: Operations Management, Mark Fagan*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-828: Project Management*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-847: Strategic Planning for Non-Profit and Public Organizations*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS 865: Decision Making in Organizations, Murray Fulton*


  Toronto PPG-2014: Leading Change and Getting Things Done
  Harvard MLD-201: Exercising Leadership - The Politics of Change
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-866: Public Leadership - Theory and Practice*


  Harvard DPI-801: The Arts of Communication
  Harvard DPI-830 A: Advanced Intensive Writing - Column and Opinion Writing*

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  Carleton PADM-5115: Introduction to State and Society
  Carleton PADM 5116: Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance
  Harvard DPI-101: Political Institutions and Public Policy
  Ottawa API-5116: Democratic Governance and Public Management
  Ottawa API-6399: Capstone - Contemporary Topics in Public Management (R)*
  Queen's MPA-800: Governing Institutions
  Toronto PPG-1000: Governance and Institutions
  Toronto PPG-1001: The Policy Process
  Harvard DPI-216: Democratic Theory*

 Ethics, Rights and Accountability

  Harvard DPI-201: The Responsibilities of Public Action
  Toronto PPG-2011: Ethics and the Public Interest
  Ottawa API-6317: Immigration, Diversity and Public Policy
  Carleton PADM-5412: Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector*
  Toronto PPG-2022: Moral Foundations of Public Policy*
  Harvard IGA-220: The Politics and Ethics of the Use of Force*

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  Carleton PADM-5213: Gender and Public Policy
  Harvard SUP-205: Inequality and Social Policy
  Harvard PED-501M: Native Americans in the 21st Century - Nation Building I
  Ottawa API-6317: Immigration, Diversity and Public Policy
  Saskatchewan-Regina JSGS-863: Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy
  Toronto PPG-1005: The Social Context of Policymaking
  Queen's MPA 879: Indigenous Governance*
  Harvard DPI-342: Religion, Politics, and Public Policy*

 Global Context

  Carleton PADM-5211: Canadian Intergovernmental Relations
  Carleton PADM-5421: Globalizing Public Management - Measuring and Monitoring Governance
  Ottawa API-6339: International Institutions
  Toronto PPG-2008: Globalization, Internationalization and Public Policy
  Toronto PPG-2013: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations in the Policy-making Process*
  Harvard IGA-103: Global Governance*
  Harvard ITF-225: The Future of Globalization: Issues, Actors, and Decisions*

Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

  Carleton PADM-5416: Budget Management for the Public Sector
  Harvard MLD-401M: Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  Queen's MPA-827: Financial Management in Canada's Public Sector
  Harvard MLD-411M: Budgeting and Financial Management, Linda Bilmes*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-838: Public Sector Financial Management*

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

  Carleton PADM-5420: Policy and Program Evaluation
  Harvard API-206: Fundamentals of Program and Policy Evaluation*
  Harvard API-208: Program Evaluation - Estimating Program Effectiveness with Empirical Analysis
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-818: Program Evaluation*

 Human Resource Management

  Carleton PADM-5418: Human Resource Management*
  Dalhousie PUAD-6570: Equity and Diversity in the Public Sector
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-815: Strategic Human Resource Management*

 Information and Technology Management

  Carleton PADM-5472: Technology and Public Administration
  Dalhousie PUAD-6555: Management of Information (EGovernment) and Public Administration
  NYU Wagner PADM-GP.4150: Leveraging IT for Performance Management (0.5)

 Program and Service Delivery

  Dalhousie PUAD-6300: Alternative Programme Delivery
  Harvard MLD-601: Operations Management*
  NYU Wagner PADM-GP.4111: Managing Service Delivery (0.5)

 Regulatory Policy and Management

  Toronto PPG2001: The Theory and Practice of Independent Regulation in the Policy Process*
  Carleton PADM-5220: Regulation and Public Policy*

 Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

  Carleton PADM-5423: Third Sector Governance and Management, Susan Phillips
  Carleton PADM-5212: Public Policy and Civil Society - Options and Issues in Financing the Third Sector
  Carleton PADM-5815: Civil Society Organizations and Development
  Dalhousie PUAD-6505: Interest Groups - Function and Management
  NYU Wagner PADM-GP.2413: Philanthropy and Public Policy
  Queen's MPA-851: Public Policy and the Third Sector
  Harvard MLD-805: Philanthropy and Public Problem-Solving*

Policy Sectors

 Macroeconomic Policy

  Carleton PADM-5223: Economic Policy in Canada
  Harvard PED-210: Public Finance in Theory and Practice
  Toronto PPG-1003: Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis, Peter Dugan*
  Harvard SUP-125: Public Economics - Designing Government Policy*

 International Development

  Dalhousie PUAD-6780: Comparative Development Administration
  Harvard PED-308: Social Institutions and Economic Development
  Harvard PED-309: Development Policy Strategy
  Ottawa API-6351: Globalization and Developing Countries
  Toronto PPG-2002: Practical Issues in International Development
  Toronto PPG-2002: Current Issues in International Devlopment Policy
  Carleton PADM-5813: The Evolution of World Bank/IMF Policy*
  Carleton PADM-5814: Program and Project Management in Developing Countries*
  Carleton PADM-5818: Theories of Development*

 Public Finance and Social Policy

  Toronto PPG-2002: Public Finance
  Carleton PADM:54: Aboriginal Policy - The North*
  Queen's MPA-839: Social Policy*
  Harvard SUP-321M: Designing Social Security Systems


  Carleton PADM-5221: Health Policy in Canada
  Carleton PADM-5229: The Health of Populations
  Dalhousie PUAD-6450: Economics of Health Policy
  Harvard SUP-572: The Economics of Health Care Policy, Joseph Newhouse*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-827: Health Care Organization and Administration*
  Queen's MPA-836: Health and Public Policy in Canada*
  Queen's MPA-837: Management in Health Care*
  Toronto RSM-2120: Health Policy and Health Care Markets
  Toronto PPG-2001: Comparative Health Systems - Law and Policy
  Harvard SUP-582: Health Policy Reform - Comparative Approaches to Reducing Inequalities*
  Toronto PPG-2015: Population and Public Health Law and Policy


  Carleton PADM-5227: Education Policy - Higher Education and Society*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-854: Higher Education Policy*
  Harvard SUP-422: Introduction to the Development and Implementation of Education Policy*
  Harvard SUP-442: Tackling the Toughest Controversies in Modern American Higher Education*

 Employment, Labour and Immigration

  Toronto PPG-2001: The Law and Policy of Work in the New Economy*
  Harvard SUP-311: The Economic Impact of Immigration*

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development

  Toronto PPG-2017: Urban Policy*
  Carleton PADM-5422: Urban and Local Government Management
  Harvard SUP-601: Urban Politics, Planning, and Development*


  Carleton PADM-5618: Environmental and Ecological Economics
  Toronto PPG-2001: The Law and Policy of Protecting the Environment*
  Harvard DPI-345M: Green Politics and Public Policy in a Global Age*

 Agriculture and Resources

  Carleton PADM-5614: Natural Resource Management
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-869: Resource and Environmental Policy
  Harvard IGA-422: Global Food Politics and Policy*

 Science, Technology and Innovation

  Carleton PADM-5611: Science, Technology and Innovation Policy*
  Carleton PADM-5672: Innovation Policy
  Harvard IGA-520: Political Economy of Innovation for Sustainability*

 Industry, Trade and Investment

  Carleton PADM-5255: Trade Policy*
  Carleton PADM-5612 Industrial Policy, Innovation and Sustainable Production*
  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-835AM International Trade Policy
  Harvard ITF-110: The Political Economy of Trade*
  Harvard PED-131M: Policies for Competitiveness*

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

  Carleton PADM-5510: Enegy Economics
  Carleton PADM-5515: Sustainable Energy Policy
  Carleton PADM-5615: Politics and Policy of Energy in Canada
  Harvard API-164: Energy Policy Analysis, Joseph Aldy*
  Harvard SUP-652: Transportation Planning and Development, Richard Dimino*

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

  Ottawa API-6336: Canadian Defence Policy
  Ottawa API-6337: Peace Operations and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  Harvard IGA-211: Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy, and the Press*
  Harvard IGA-236M: Technology, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age*

 Policing and Justice Administration

  Harvard SUP-701: Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context
  NYU Wagner PADM-GP.24401: Community Issues in Criminal Justice (0.5)

 Arts and Culture

  NYC Wagner: PADM-GP.2446: Public Policy and the Arts

 Financial Markets

  Carleton PADM-5272: Regulation of Financial Institutions
  NYU Wagner PADM-GP.2147: Corporate Finance and Public Policy
  Carleton PADM-5417: Principles of Finance*
  Harvard BGP-264: Capital Market Regulation, Robert Glauber*
  Harvard API-141: Finance*

Important Notices
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