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CAPPA Research Map
Research titles in public policy and management from papers at two CAPPA conferences, organized by subject

This page lists the papers presented the First (2012) and Second (2013) Annual  Conferences of CAPPA, the Canadian Association of Programs on Public Administration. It provides an indication of the public management subjects of current interest to Canadian researchers. Note that in addition to the Atlas subjects in the four domains, a "meta domain" has been added at the bottom of the first column, with two field-wide research subjects: Research in Public Policy and Management, and Teaching in Public Policy and Management.


Tools and Skills

 Policy and Management Analysis

  Karine Levasseur: A deficit of policy capacity?
  Kent Campbell (DM, Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy) and Janice Stokes (Stokes Research), “Fiscal Constraint and Improved Client Service in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources”
  Kathy L. Brock: Assisted Suicide: Partnering as a solution to Wicked Policy Problems
  Jean-François Savard and Alexandre Couture Gagnon: Beyond Policy Domain: Revisiting the Policy Coherence Concept
  Sandford Borins: How Narrative Inevitably Politicizes Public Management
  Michael Howlett and Andrea Migone (Simon Fraser U.) “Policy Consultants and the Externalization of Policy Advice”
  Gregory Inwood and Carolyn Johns (Ryerson Univ.) “The Dynamics of Policy Change through Commissions of Inquiry”

 Economic Analysis

 Quantitative Methods

 Analytic Methods

  Carolyn Johns: The Value and Potential of Network Analysis in Canadian Public Administration Research
  Richard Lévesque: Why public choice theory does not predict the use of policy networks as a public choice mechanism? Toward a deductive, yet non-economic, theory of politics

 Leadership Skills

  John Wilkins (York Univ.) “Public Sector Leadership: What makes for success?”
  Christopher Wilson (Centre on Governance, Univ. of Ottawa) “Moving From Leadership to Stewardship"
  Elyse McCall Thomas and Frank Ohemeng (Univ. of Ottawa) “Conflicting Accountabilities: Standardized Testing in Three Provinces”
  Peter P. Constantinou (York Univ.) “Political Acuity in the Senior Ranks of the Public Service”
  Ken Rasmussen (Univ. of Regina) “Public Service Leadership: Can the ‘head’ of the Public Service Provide It?"

 Communication Skills


Research on Teaching and Research in Public Policy and Management

 Research in Public Policy and Management

  Clinton Lawrence-Whyte (Treasury Board Secretariat) “Canada’s Engagement with OECD`s Public Governance Committee”
  Ian Clark (University of Toronto) and Leslie Pal (Carleton University) "Where the Streets Have No Name: Mapping the Discipline of Public Management."
  Daniel Henstra (Univ. of Waterloo) and Rosemary McGowan (Wilfrid Laurier U.) “Millennials and Public Service: An Exploratory Analysis of Graduate Student Career Motivations”
  Karine Levasseur and Andrea Rounce: A Comparative Framework for Understanding Public Administration in Canada’s Provinces and Territories”

 Teaching in Public Policy and Management

  Ted Glenn (Humber College) “Teaching Communications in Public Management”
  Robert Shepherd (Carleton Univ.) “Teaching Ethics”
  Evert Lindquist (Univ. of Victoria) "Teaching Visualization for Policy Analysis and Management"
  Terry Grier (former Prof of Public Administration at Ryerson, Former MP, Former President of Ryerson) “Thinking Back, Thinking Forward: The Relevance of Teaching Public Administration”
  James C. Simeon: Reviewing Case Studies as Instructional and Research Tools for Public Management
  Kathy L. Brock: Blending Academic Learning with Policy Work
  Ted Glenn: PAPD 510 Public Policy Research & Analysis: A Case Study in Collaborative Learning and Public Policy Education

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  Jonathan Craft (Simon Fraser Univ.) “At the Centre and Down the Line: Institutional Location and Appointed Political Staffs Policy Formulation Activity”
  Christopher Stoney and Robert Shepherd (Carleton Univ.) “Re-thinking the New Political Governance"
  Paul Wilson (Carleton U.) “Caucus Advisory Committees Under the Harper Government”
  Luc Bernier (ENAP) “Crown Corporations in Quebec: An Assessment”
  Malcolm Bird (Univ. of Winnipeg) “The Legacy Crowns: Institutional Adaptation and Change in the New Age"
  E.R. Barreto (Fed. Univ. of Sergipe, Brazil) and Ian Roberge (Glendon College, York Univ.) “The Perils of Fiscal Federalism: A comparison of Canada and Brazil”
  Charles Conteh: Understanding Multi-Level Governance Systems through a Sub-national Comparison Regional Economic Development Policy Implementation in Canada
  Alex Marland: The intersection of political communication and the public service: The case of Stephen Harper’s government of Canada
  Malcolm G. Bird: The Insuring Crown: Public Automobile Insurance Crowns in the Post-Neo World
  Stéphanie Viola-Plante: Thème de la communication : La responsabilisation des sous-ministres canadiens devant le Parlement met-elle en danger le principe de neutralité politique de la haute fonction publique?
  Patrice Dutil and Peter Constantinou: “The Birth of a New Public Governance: The Evolution of the Premier’s Office in Ontario”
  Marc Duhamel and Pierre-André Hudon: Beyond Postpositivism: Perspectives on the Politicization of Empiricism after Canada v. PHS Community Services
  Iain Gow: Speaking what truth to whom? Epistemological difficulties in Public Administration
  Nicholas Gammer: Crossing Lines: the Afghanistan Task Force and the Uneasy Tension between Ottawa’s Bureaucracies and the Political Executive
  Charles Conteh (Brock Univ.) “The Canada-Manitoba Cooperation on Regional Economic Development"
  Jean-Francois Savard (ENAP), Ian Roberge (Glendon College), Peter Graefe (McMaster Univ.),Alexandre Brassard (Glendon College). “Quebec-Ontario Relations after Charest and McGuinty”
  Patricia O’Reilly, Carolyn Johns, Greg Inwood (Ryerson Univ.) “The Canadian Federation’s Ability to Adapt to Changing Needs”
  Sarah Giest (Simon Fraser U.) "Addition to the family: innovation governance success through network managers"
  Patrice Dutil (Ryerson Univ.) “The Agencification of Public Works: Infrastructure Ontario”
  Luc Bernier, Taïeb Hafsi, and Carl Deschamps: Innovation in Canadian public administrations: what, when, how and why?
  Ian Roberge: The Best is yet to come: Futures Construction in Canadian Public Administration
  Ken Rasmussen: The Politicization of the Public Service of Canada: The Harper Government or the Government of Canada?
  Herman Bakvis and Mark D. Jarvis: Communication and Persuasion: Politicization in the Era of the New Political Governance

 Ethics, Rights and Accountability

  Gregory Tardi: LSL: Law as a Second Language for Public Servants
  Ian Greene: The erosion of the rule of law and its impact on public sector ethics
  Garrett P. MacSweeney: The Changing face of Canadian Public Policy and Public Management: Ethics, Democracy, and Accountability

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  Joanne Heritz: Facilitating Choice: A Comparison of the Engagement in Policy Processes of Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Travelers in Ireland

 Global Context

  David Jesuit and Anthony Jesuale (Central Michigan Univ.) “The Case of the Detroit River International Crossing"
  Russell A. Williams (Memorial Univ.) “Climate Change under Multilevel Governance”

Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

Jerome Couture (Univ. Laval) “Les règles d’austérité budgétaire sont-elles efficaces?”
Robert P. Shepherd and Christopher Stoney: Managing the Next Round of Cuts: The Strategy Behind Strategic and Operational Reviews

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Naima Bentayeb et Martin Goyette (ENAP) « Gérer le changement : que nous enseigne l’évaluation de programme? »

 Human Resources Management

  Jocelyn McGrandle and Frank Ohemeng (Univ. of Ottawa) “The Adoption and Implementation of Diversity Management Practices at the Municipal Level in Canada: A Contingency Perspective”
  Debra Horner (Univ. of Michigan) “Local Government Officials’ Assessments of Data Use and Performance Management Efforts: A View from Michigan”
  Karine Levasseur and Andrea Rounce (Univ. of Manitoba) “Government Retrenchment and Public Service Cuts: A Tale of Two Processes”
  Luc Juillet (Univ. of Ottawa) “The transformation of the Merit System in Westminster Democracies"
  Peter Wesolowski (Univ. of Ottawa) “Recent University Graduates’ Perceptions of Networking Fairness in the Public-Sector Job Search”
  Frank L. K. Ohemeng and Jocelyn McGrandle: The Challenges and Prospects for Managing Diversity in the Ontario Public Service
  Michael Atkinson, Murray Fulton, and Boa Kim: Is Pay-for-Performance in the Public Sector Politicization by Stealth?
  David Johnson: Public Sector Management Development within the Commonwealth: Commonwealth Public Service Training and Development Institutes Confront the Challenges of Staff Training and Leadership Development
  Raj Venugopal: Partisan hires in the Public Service
  Evert Lindquist, Ken Rasmussen, Robert P. Shepherd: Promiscuous partisans? A new role for the professional public service in Canada

 Information and Technology Management

  David C.G. Brown (Carleton Univ.) “Provincial and Territorial Chief Information Officers in a Comparative Context"
  Amanda Clarke (Carleton Univ.) “From Hopeful Theory to Hopeless Practice: Digital Citizen Engagement in Times of Austerity”
  David C.G. Brown: Information and Technology as an Emerging Sector of Canadian Public Administration
  Farzana Jiwani and Tamara Krawchenko: Academics and Access to Government: Research Interviews with Federal Government Officials
  Farzana Jiwani and Tamara Krawchenko: Academics and access to government: Research interviews with federal government officials
  Tuna Baskoy (Ryerson Univ.) “Theories of e-Government: A Review”

 Local Government Management

  Allison Bramwell: Balancing Economic Growth and Social Inclusion? Workforce Development in Three Ontario Cities
  Alex Dumaresq and R Mark Gilbert: Advocacy Strategies of Organized Local Government
  David Siegel: Municipal Chief Administrative Officers as Leaders: The Findings of Five Case Studies

 Regulatory Policy and Management

 Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

  Bryan Evans (Ryerson Univ.) and Adam Wellstead (Michigan Tech. Univ.) “Tales of Policy Estrangement: Non-governmental Policy Work and Capacity in Three Canadian Provinces”
  Bryan Evans and Adam Wellstead: Policy Dialogue and Engagement Between Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and Government: A Survey of Canadian Policy Workers

Policy Sectors

 Macroeconomic Policy

  Amir Farmanesh, "Evaluating the effect of marginal corporate tax rate on business growth in a period of slow-growth"

 International Development

  Heather L. Millar: Political Internationalization and Domestic Institutions, Interests, and Values: Explaining Changes in Canada’s Development Assistance Policy 1987-2011
  Aaida Mamuji: Deciding at Disaster Onset: The Pervasiveness of Ideas in Canada’s International Disaster Responses

 Public Finance and Social Policy


  Paul Barker (Western Univ.) “Disappointment and Opportunity: The Case of Regional Health Authorities"
  Geneve Say, Reisa Stefura, Sean Faulkner (Simon Fraser Univ.) “Revising In Site”
  Salim Rashid and Ashleigh Dalton (City of Toronto) “Toronto Public Health’s New Policy Framework"
  Paul Barker: The Minister of Health and the LHINS: What is the Appropriate Relationship?
  Neale Smith, Craig Mitton, Alan Davidson, and Lestyn Williams: A Politics of Priority Setting: Assessing Formal Resource Allocation in Healthcare Organizations


  Sachin Maharaj (Univ. of Toronto) "The Impact of Selected High School Reforms in Ontario" -

 Employment, Labour and Immigration

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development

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 Territorial Development


 Agriculture and Resources

 Science, Technology and Innovation

 Industry, Trade and Investment

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

 Policing and Justice Administration

  Ian Greene (York Univ.) “Ontario’s Courts and the ‘Justice on Target’ Initiative”

 Arts and Culture

 Financial Sector and Pensions

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