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PP-290: International Poverty and Economic Development

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UCLA - Luskin School of Public Affairs

PP-290: International Poverty and Economic Development

Description: Why isn't the whole world developed? How should countries and international institutions work
to alleviate poverty and malnutrition? Does increasing income result in improved health outcomes?
Is HIV/AIDS good or bad for economic growth? These and other pressing questions form the sub-
stantive matter of development economics. Topics discussed in this course include poverty and income
distribution, human capital (heath and education), gender bias, micro nance, and insurance.
The focus of the course is on rigorous analysis of issues in development economics. We take
a threefold approach to each topic: we examine, in turn, theory, evidence, and policy. Yet the
goal of the course is not simply to have you learn facts and theories about poor countries|instead,
the goal is that you learn, hands-on, how economists approach problems of development. As such,
the bulk of the course will be devoted to in-depth analysis of (microeconomic) models and (micro-
econometric) empirical methods. Finally, a sub-theme of the course is to provide the professional tools
and experience in using data sets for analysis (beyond what is covered in the MPP core).

Faculty: Manisha Shah

Source:, and downloaded to the Atlas at  

Teaching Topics Addressed in this Course, Organized by Public Policy and Management Subject


Commentary by the Atlas editors: The class schedule provides candidates for topic titles to be developed by the Atlas:

  • Measuring Inequality
  • Fighting Poverty through policy
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Human Capital
  • Credit and Microfinance

Page created by: James Ban, 15 July 2015. The content presented on this page, except in the Commentary, is drawn directly from the source(s) cited above, and consists of direct quotations or close paraphrases.



LUSKIN INTERNATIONAL POVERTY PP 290 W 2014 syllabus_shah.pdfLUSKIN INTERNATIONAL POVERTY PP 290 W 2014 syllabus_shah

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