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MPA 874: Public Service Reform

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MPA 874: Public Service Reform
[Note: This course is listed on the SPS Elective Courses webpage as not offered in 2013-14] 


The aim of this course is to examine the path of public service reform between two crises -- a crisis of governability in Canada and the other advanced democracies in the 1970s, and a second crisis that began with the panics of 2007-2008. The period between those two crises was one in which ideas about the structure of government changed in fundamental ways. This course will begin with a brief discussion of the character of the first crisis, and the schools of thought that influenced the response to that crisis. The largest part of the course will examine various reform initiatives within the public sector that were undertaken in an effort to respond to that crisis, with the aim of understanding the long-term impact of those initiatives. The final part of the course will briefly consider how ideas about the structure of government have changed as a result of the current governance crisis.

Faculty: Alasdair Roberts (Spring 2013)

Source: At (accessed 7 April 2013 but website no longer active)

Teaching Topics Addressed in this Course, Organized by Public Management Subject

 Democratic Institutions and the Policy Process

  Central Bank Reform
  The Crisis of Governability and Its Effects

 Budgeting and Financial Management

  Fiscal Rules
  Revenue Agency Reforms and Independent Foundations
  Strategies of Fiscal Adjustment

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SPS_Syllabus_874_Winter 2013_Alasdair_Roberts.pdfSPS_Syllabus_874_Winter 2013_Alasdair_Roberts

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