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JSGS 868: Resource and Environmental Policy

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Johnson-Shoyama School of Public Policy

JSGS-868: Resource and Environmental Policy

Description: An examination of recent trends in resource-related environmental policy focusing on the impact of global markets and international institutions on domestic policy options.

This course is divided into two parts. The first focuses on the new context of resource and environmental policy making in North America, including governance shifts at both national and international levels; changing public expectations about resource exploitation and environmental protection; and the contested role of different kinds of knowledge in resource and environmental policy. The second part of the course examines the policy regimes in place for different resources and assesses their performance and prospects. All types of resources will be discussed in the course but environmental issues will be restricted to those raised by resource extraction and use

Faculty: Jeremy Rayner

Source: Syllabus downloaded from  on 13 January 2014. 

Teaching Topics Addressed in this Course, Organized by Public Management Subject



Commentary by the Atlas editors: The class titles in the Syllabus suggest a number of the potential topics to be developed for the Atlas:

  • The New Context for Resource and Environmental Policy
  • The Policy Regime for Resources in North America 
  • From Government to Governance in Resource Policy
  • Problem Definition in Resources and the Governance of Resource Problems
  • How are Aboriginal People Doing in Canada?
  • International Comparisons of Indigenous Conditions and Policy
  • North American Resource Policy - Institutions, Actors and Networks
  • North American Resource Policy - Ideas and Instruments
  • Policy Regime for Mining
  • Policy Regime for Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Policy Regime for Forests
  • Policy Regime for Energy

Page created by: Ian Clark on 13 January 2014. The content presented on this page, except in the Commentary, is drawn directly from the source(s) cited above, and consists of direct quotations or close paraphrases.




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