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DPI-201: The Responsibilities of Public Action

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Harvard Kennedy School

DPI-201: The Responsibilities of Public Action

Description: This course is a philosophical examination of the responsibilities of public policymakers in a democracy. The course asks two questions: (1) What should governments do? (2) What should political actors do? The first question requires consideration of public principles that guide good, just, and legitimate public policy. The second question requires consideration of the many and often competing obligations that should guide political actors inside and outside government, particularly when there is disagreement about what is good, just, and legitimate public policy. Discussions and assignments focus on applications of theoretical concepts from scholarly readings in philosophy and political theory to practical issues of public policy and policymaker responsibility.

Faculty: Mathias Risse (DPI-201A, Fall 2012); Christopher Robichaud (DPI-201B and DPI-201D, Fall 2012); Arthur Appelbaum (DPI-201C, Fall 2012).

Source: At http:// (accessed 13 February 2013)



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