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PUAD 5100: Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management

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Dalhousie University - School of Public Administration

PUAD-5100: Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management

DescriptionThis class examines the organizational designs of government for the purposes of governance and public management. It encompasses the basic constitutional and political designs of government; the structures and principles governing the relationship between the partisan-political and non-partisan public-service institutions of government; the organization and roles of the central executive and corporate policy and management agencies; the organization of portfolios, departments and agencies for the management of policy and operational functions; and, the structures and processes of accountability for governance and public management. The class is focused on the Canadian system of government but addresses basic questions of organizational theory and design in a comparative context.

Faculty: K. Quigley

Source: Graduate Calendar at (accessed 6 January 2014), and downloaded to the Atlas at  

Teaching Topics Addressed in this Course, Organized by Public Policy and Management Subject



Commentary by the Atlas editors: The 2009 syllabus for the course was provided to the PPG Atlas in 2010 and is attached. The class titles in this syllabus provide interesting candidates for teaching topics to be developed for the Atlas:

  • Constitutional Governance and Public Management
  • Public Management and Professional Public Service
  • Management Theory in the Real World
  • Designing Organizations for Management
  • The Strategic Apex: Governing from the Centre
  • Portfolio Designs: Interests, Policy Priorities & Paradigms
  • The Corporate Management Framework
  • Devolving Authority For Performance Management
  • Integrating Service Delivery for Citizen-Centred Service
  • Delegating Authority for Indirect Public Administration
  • The Contract State: Partnerships and Private Delivery
  • The Accountability Conundrum

 Page created by: Ian Clark, 11 January 2014. The content presented on this page, except in the Commentary, is drawn directly from the source(s) cited above, and consists of direct quotations or close paraphrases.



PUAD 5100 course outline 2009.pdfPUAD 5100 course outline 2009

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