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Public-Private Partnerships: Establishing Institutional Frameworks

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Practice Advice on Strategy and Structure

Public-Private Partnerships: Establishing Institutional Frameworks (OECD)

Summary Advice: The OECD advises that, in creating public-private partnerships, governments should establish a clear, predictable and legitimate institutional framework supported by competent and well-resourced authorities.

Main Points: 

  • The political leadership should ensure public awareness of the relative costs, benefits and risks of Public-Private Partnerships and conventional procurement. Popular understanding of Public-Private Partnerships requires active consultation and engagement with stakeholders as well as involving end-users in defining the project and subsequently in monitoring service quality.
  • Key institutional roles and responsibilities should be maintained. This requires that procuring authorities, Public-Private Partnerships Units, the Central Budget Authority, the Supreme Audit Institution and sector regulators are entrusted with clear mandates and sufficient resources to ensure a prudent procurement process and clear lines of accountability.
  • Ensure that all significant regulation affecting the operation of Public-Private Partnerships is clear, transparent and enforced. Red tape should be minimised and new and existing regulations should be carefully evaluated.

Source: OECD (2012) "OECD Principles for Public Governance of Public-Private Partnerships" at (accessed 19 December, 2012).

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