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Indigenous Peoples

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Indigenous Peoples

This topic explores the history, issues, and policy responses surrounding indigenous peoples. Countries of focus can include Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Malaysia, and many others. Important aspects include cultural values, cultural diversity within individual countries, relationships with governments, demographic change, inequality, and more.

Topic Learning Outcome: Students will be able to analyze and critique policy choices that are intended to improve the social and economic outcomes of indigenous peoples in advanced democracies.

Core Concepts associated with this Topic: Aboriginal; Inherent Right to Self-Government; Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples; The Crown’s Fiduciary Relationship with Aboriginal Peoples.

Recommended Readings

University of Toronto: PPG 1005H The Social Context of Policy-Making

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Queen's University: MPA 879 Comparative Indigenous Governance

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 Sample Assessment Questions:

1.) What was the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Describe its importance in a one paragraph answer.

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