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Quantitative Methods

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Tools and Skills Domain

Quantitative Methods

This public policy and management subject, under the Tools and Skills domain, focuses on enhancing the ability of students to analyze and assess empirical quantitative research. A major objective of many courses in this subject area is to enable students to distinguish between good and poor quality empirical research. Courses in this subject area may also aim to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to perform their own quantitative social science research. A major theme in this subject is the connection between social science research and the policy process. Courses taught in this subject are intended to help students develop a greater understanding of the practical applications of empirical research to real-world policy decisions. Topics covered in this subject area include probability theory, statistics and decision analysis. Some courses in this subject area instruct students in the use of software packages that are useful for statistical analysis such as STATA, SPSS and Microsoft Excel.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Quantitative Methods for Public Management

 Provisional Teaching Topics in Quantitative Methods for Public Management

The following provisional teaching topics have been drawn from the class titles in Harvard's API-201: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods. Over the coming months individual pages will be created for each of these topics.

Descriptive Statistics

Probability Concepts

Bayes' Rule

Application: Public Pensions in Mexico

Discrete Distributions

Continuous Distributions

Statistical Inference for a Single Mean

Statistical Inference for a Single Proportion

Statistical Inference for Two Proportions

Statistical Inference for Two Means

Paired Data

ANOVA and Multiple Comparisons

Multivariate Analysis

Chi-Square Test


Survey Design

Randomized Trials

 References, Topics and Concepts primarily associated with Quantitative Methods

  Concepts primarily associated with Quantitative Methods
  Topics with References primarily associated with Quantitative Methods

 Courses dealing with Quantitative Methods

  Carleton PADM 5114- Research Methods and Design II (Galdo)
  Dalhousie PUAD 5140- Quantitative Methods (Mechoulan)
  Johnson-Shoyama GSPP 803- Quantitative Methods for Pulblic Policy (Rounce)
  Johnson-Shoyama PUBP 811- Quantitative Methods and Research Design (MOU)
  Queen's MPA 805 - Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (Lehrer)
  Ryerson PA 8103 - Research Methods (Burke, Rubsenson)
  Simon Fraser University MPP 805 - Research Techniques and Quantitative Methods I + II
  UBC POLI572A - Quantitative Techniques of Political Analysis (Cutler)
  Toronto PPG 1004- Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis (Oreopoulos, Frazer)
  Toronto PPG 2010 - Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis (Grootendorst)
  Victoria ADMN 502B - Statistical Analysis
  Western Ontario PA 9914 - Research Methods
  York (Glendon) PAIA 6003 - Research Methods

 Topic sites associated with Quantitative Methods

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