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Transactional and Transformational Leadership

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A Teaching Topic in Leadership

Transactional and Transformational Leadership

This teaching topic deals with theory and practice of transactional and transformational teadership in organizations and, more broadly, in societies.

Recommended Reading (Harvard MLD-101B)

Nelson Mandela: The Man Behind the Symbol (HKS case C114-96-1337.0)

Sparks, A. H. (1995). Tomorrow is another country: The inside story of South Africa's road to change. New York: Hill and Wang.

Mandela’s Fight for Freedom (view entire film).

Bass, B. M., & Steidlmeier, P. (1999). Ethics, character and authentic transformational leadership behavior. Leadership Quarterly, 10(2), 181-217.

Source: MLD-101B Syllabus from (accessed 23 January 2013)

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