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This normed topic deals with the professional skill known as “networking.” Networking is the process of building a professional network consisting of professional reciprocal relationships through which knowledge, resources and information can be shared.

Topic Learning Outcome:  Upon completion of a masters degree in public management, graduates will understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong professional network. They will know how to seek out and participate in informational meetings about their careers, and will be familiar with professional social media tools such as LinkedIn. 

Recommended Readings:

Office of Career Advancement, Networking that Works: Broaden Your Professional Base, Harvard Kennedy School. 

Retrieved From:,%20HKS,%202012.pdf

Sample Assessment Questions: 

       1.)   What is an informational interview? How can individuals make use of informational interviews to advance their careers?

       2.)   Write a one-page sample cover letter that explains your career goals and what assets you would be able to bring to the organization of your choice (public, private or non-profit sector)

       3.)   Write a sample two-page resume that highlights your skills, education and experience.

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