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Evaluation and Performance Measurement

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Management Functions Domain

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

This subject area deals with different strategies for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and policies. Many of the evaluation methodologies and techniques that are taught in this subject area can be applied to policies and programs in both the public and not-for-profit sectors. The purpose of this subject is to provide students with the analytical tools necessary for the assessment of the validity, effectiveness and impact of policy decisions at each stage of a policy or program’s life cycle. The development of logic models and the identification of appropriate criteria for performance measurement are among the important topics examined within this subject area. In addition to exploring strategies for evaluating programs and policies against their stated objectives, courses in this subject area may also address the challenges of identifying and measuring both positive and negative unintended consequences of government action.

This Atlas subject also includes topics associated with the management functions of Internal Audit and Performance Audit. Material comparing these functions with program evaluation can be found in the Comparing Audit and Evaluation box on this page.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in Evaluation and Performance Measurement

In the coming months, teaching topic sites will be added on some or all of the following topics drawn from Harvard's API-208: Program Evaluation - Estimating Program Effectiveness with Empirical Analysis.

Evaluation Research for Public Policy
The Fundamental Identification Problem
Causality and Countrfactual Responses
Heterogeneity and Selection
Measures of Location and Dispersion
Conditional Mean Function
Randomized Studies
Threats to Internal and External Validity
Asymptotical Distribution
Fisher's Exact Test
Pre-estimation Diagnostics
Experimental and Observational Studies
Approximating Experiments with Observational Data
Study Design
Simpson's Paradox
Matching Estimators
Assessing the Confounding Effects of Unobserved Factors
Sensitivity Testing
Difference-in-Difference Estimators
Synthetic Control Methods
Instrumental Variables
Local Average Treatment Effects
Distributional Effects
Regression Discontinuity Design

Nonparametric Bounds

 Courses, Reports, Concepts and References

  Courses addressing Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  Study Reports addressing Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  Concepts used in Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  Reference Collections for Evaluation and Performance Measurement

 Related Public Policy and Management Subjects

  Public Financial Management
  Strategy and Structure
  Management Sciences

 Additional Resources on Evaluation and Peformance Measurement

  Bob Behn's Performance Leadership Report
  Government of Canada Policy on Evaluation
  Standard on Evaluation for the Government of Canada
  Directive on the Evaluation Function
  CCAF Documents on Oversight, Risk and Control

 Comparing Audit and Evaluation

  Comparing Audit and Evaluation in the Government of Canada, Clark (2014)
  Program Evaluation and Aboriginal Affairs: A History and a Thought Experiment, Clark and Swain (2015)
  Audit and Evaluation at AANDC (Link to Government Website)
  Audit of the Elementary and Secondary Education Program, AANDC (2009)
  Summative Evaluation of the Elementary/Secondary Education Program on Reserve, AANDC (2012)
  Departmental Audit Committees in the Canadian Federal Government, Larson and Zussman (2010)
  Internship Report of an Evaluation Intern at AANDC, Laura Davidson (2013)
  Accountability, Results and Misconduct: Should “controlling fraud” become an explicit focus for Internal Audit? Clark (2007)

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