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Governments and University Governance: Academic Freedom and the Public Interest

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A Teaching Topic in Education

Governments and University Governance: Academic Freedom and the Public Interest

This topic examines [TO COME].

Topic Learning Outcome: Upon mastering this topic, students will understand [TO COME].

Concepts associated with this Topic: Academic Freedom; [MORE TO COME]

Recommended Readings

Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy: JSGS 854 - Higher Education Policy

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Des Freedman A Radical Manifesto for Higher Education, 2011

See also: Michael Bailey and Des Freedman (eds), The Assault on Universities, Pluto, London, 2011.  

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Additional Readings Recommended by the Atlas Editors

Ian D. Clark, “Different Pipers, Different Tunes: In tough financial times, how do we pay the bill for free inquiry?” A review of Selling Out: Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market, by Howard Woodhouse, Literary Review of Canada, April 2010.

Sample Assessment Questions:

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