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Central Bank Reform

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A Teaching Topic in Fiscal, Monetary and Tax Policy

Central Bank Reform

This teaching topic examines the role of the Central Bank in shaping monetary policy in advanced economies. It examines past efforts to reform central banks, and considers the implications of central bank autonomy for economic and government performance, as well as democratic control over public administration.

Recommended Reading:

Logic of Discipline, Chapter 2.

Marcussen, Martin (2007). Central Banking Reform around the World: Only by Night Are All Cats Grey. Transcending New Public Management. T. Christensen and P. Laegreid, Eds. Aldershot, UK, Ashgate Publishing: 135-154.

Arnone, Marco, Bernard Laurens, Jean-Francois

Segalotto and Martin Sommer (2007). Central Bank Autonomy: Lessons from Global Trends. Washington, DC, International Monetary Fund.

Thiessen, Gordon G. (1998). The Canadian Experience with Targets for Inflation Control. 1998 Gibson Lecture. Kingston, Canada, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University.

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