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Resource Management Cycle

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Resource Management Cycle  

The process by which a government uses performance information to assist in decision-making throughout the resource allocation process.

(McCormack, L. (2007). Canada. Chapter 7 in Performance budgeting in OECD countries.)


The government of Canada does not practice “performance-based budgeting” in a narrow sense but rather uses performance information throughout the main phases of an annual resource management cycle. (Canada aims for “performance-informed” resource management.) That cycle begins with public consultation and fiscal planning and moves successively through allocating resources, evaluating programme performance, learning and adjusting, and reporting to Parliament on results.

McCormack, L. (2007). Canada. Chapter 7 in Performance budgeting in OECD countries. p. 108-9. Curristine, T. (Ed.). OECD.


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