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Public Revenues

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Public Revenues

The money taken in by various levels of government through taxes and other means.

(Manning, Nick, Dirk-Jan Kraan and Jana Malinska. 2006. How and Why Should Government Activity Be Measured in "Government at a Glance"?. OECD GOV Technical Paper 1, OECD Project on Management in Government: Comparative Country Data. OECD: Paris. Published October 16, 2006. Retrieved June 19, 2008., p. 22.)


Public revenues are commonly distinguished in tax and non-tax revenues. Non-tax revenues can further be distinguished in fees (charges for the use of public services), property income (proceeds from the sale or rent of property), concessions (payment for the right to exploit a natural resource or public monopoly), transfers and taxation. The latter encompasses both earmarked and general fund taxation. The revenue data also include the incurrence of public debt and the stock of public debt, the latter being a measure of future taxation required for debt redemption.


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