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Parliamentary Budget Officer

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Parliamentary Budget Officer

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is an independent officer of the Library of Parliament who reports to the Speakers of both chambers.

(Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer)


There is currently a substantial debate about the role of this office.

The position was created through amendments to the Parliament of Canada Act contained in the Federal Accountability Act.


The Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (OPBO) provides authoritative, non-partisan financial and economic analysis to support Parliament and parliamentarians in exercising their oversight role over the government's stewardship of public funds and in ensuring budget transparency.

The OPBO’s primary mandate is to support the work of parliamentary committees, including the Senate National Finance Committee and the House of Commons Committees on Finance, Public Accounts, and Government Operations and Estimates.


Based on feedback from parliamentarians and best practices of peer organisations, the OPBO will use an open and transparent operating model. Specifically, this means that its analysis and advice will be published and subject to stakeholder scrutiny to ensure rigour in the methodology and impartiality in the advice.



Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.


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