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National Area of Selection

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National Area of Selection

A geographic limit, known as “area of selection,” determines where prospective candidates must reside or work to be considered for a job opening in the federal public service.

(Public Service Commission of Canada.)


An appointment process that uses a national area of selection is open to “persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad”. A national area of selection is established for all advertised external appointment processes.

This requirement does not apply to processes:

  •  For part-time student appointments;
  •  For appointments for a specified period of six months or less except full time student  
  • appointments;
  • Run subsequent to an initial, unproductive student appointment process which used a national area of selection;
  • For the re-appointment of a student in a student employment program;
  • To employ persons not ordinarily required to work more than one third of the normal period for persons doing similar work;
  • For employees performing duties of a seasonal nature;
  • That are limited to members of designated Employment Equity groups;
  •  For which an exception has been approved by the Public Service Commission on a case-by-case basis.


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