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Municipalities as “creatures of the provinces”

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Municipalities as “creatures of the provinces” 

Makes reference to the fact that municipalities are the constitutional responsibility of the provinces, and thus their functions, finance and governing structure all depend on provincial authorization.

( Tindal and Tindal 2004, 416)


Though the ramifications of this absence of constitutional status are widespread for municipalities, Tindal and Tindal identify two fundamental elements of the provincial-municipal relationship:

 • The incorporation (or creation) of municipalities is at the discretion of the provincial legislature, and does not require the consent of the people in the affected locality;

 • The authority conferred on the municipal corporation is not local in nature but derives from the provincial government. (Tindal and Tindal 2004, 10-11)


Tindal, Richard C. and Susan Nobes Tindal. 2004. Local Government in Canada, 6th ed. Scarborough, Ontario: Nelson.


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