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A set of ideas and techniques for public sector management, which have been imported from business management.

(Saint-Martin, Denis. 2004. “Managerialist Advocate or 'Control Freak'? The Janus-faced Office of the Auditor General." Canadian Public Administration 47 (2): 121-140, p.122.)


The use of organizational strategies that originated in business management in public sector organizations has been an important feature of public administration since the 1980s.

Sometimes, this concept is used as shorthand for "New Public Management." Both terms can be used to refer to the set of ideas and techniques imported from business management increasingly since the 1980s.

Some have argued that managerialism largely remains as more a political ideology than an administrative science, often because of the change it creates in accountability relationships, affecting the balance of political power between the executive, the bureaucracy and the legislature.


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