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Area of Selection

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Area of Selection (in public sector human resource management) 

The geographic, the occupational, the organizational or the employment equity criteria applicants must meet to be eligible in an appointment process.

(Public Service Commission Canada)


Area of selection applies to internal and external advertised appointment processes and internal non-advertised processes at the federal Public Service. It also applies to all occupational groups and levels, including the Executive group.

Geographic Criterion: Refers to where persons must reside, or reside or be employed, in order to be eligible for appointment. In the case if students, it may be the location of their permanent residence or the educational institution they attend.

Occupational Criterion: Refers to an occupational stream that may span several occupations (such as health care services, social sciences…) or may be more specific and refer to a particular occupation (such as registered nurse, aeronautical engineer, lawyer…) or occupations within a developmental program.

Organizational criterion: The organizational criterion refers to the organization (s) or part (s) of organizations in which persons must be employed in order to be eligible for internal appointment. When used, the organizational criterion must accurately describe a structure that can be recognized as an organizational entity.

The organizational criterion can also be applied to external appointment processes. There may be situations where it would make good business sense to use the organizational component to open external appointment processes to employees of other levels of government, non-profit organizations, professional associations, or private sector organizations, to name a few.

Employment Equity Criterion: Refers to limiting an area of selection to one or more designated groups as defined by the Employment Equity Act. This criterion allows increasing the representativeness of the designated groups in the process of nomination.


Guidance Series – Establishing an Area of Selection, Public Service Commission Canada,, Visited on July 22, 2009



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